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Computers have become a part of almost everyone’s life. With the advent of the internet, the use of the computers, tablets, laptops, mobile phone, etc. has increased very much. There are many softwares and apps that help us in our day-today life. These softwares play a major part in the many organisations and businesses also. There are many people doing business all over the world. Managing a business is not an easy task. You need lot of help from many people. To reduce the man power, there are many types of software which help in getting the task done much faster and with less or no mistakes.

Managing a business is not easy. Even a small business needs lot of planning and energy to execute the plans. To make things more efficient and simple, there are some business management softwares.

What is business management software?

The Business management softwares help you to do things faster and more effective. It is a software that is being run for a specific business. Some softwares can be used in various businesses of same genre.  Like in a shop or hospitals, there would be same type of software that can be used in all shops. In hospitals, there are many machines used for X-ray, ECG, scanning, etc. These need software to get results digitised. Same software is used in all machines of same company.

Some businesses create softwares for their own use while others get them from companies who manufacture software. Usually small businesses can get softwares from some vendors or use the available softwares which are free or available for lesser cost. You can find a lot more about the software for business on



In any business, customers are considered as God. You need to satisfy the customer to grow your business. Using business software, you can create a database of customers, where you can store all their information and update them whenever necessary. You can give market updates to customers through e-mails. Also can conduct online survey for customers and know their needs, through which you can expand your business. You have softwares with which you can send mail to all your customers with a single click. You can get them to do these works efficiently.



All invoices can be mailed or a softcopy generated, which helps to keep all information in a single place. You can also create a copy in the servers, so that you can recover them whenever needed. All these processes are helpful in small, medium or large businesses.

Project management

Project management

Project management is a separate line of work which is very important in any business. You should keep track of the project, the schedule, how much work is done, etc. All these can be put in the same place, where you can access them whenever needed. Also, you can connect your customers to their projects, so that they can know the progress achieved in the project.



You can create a time-sheet for the employees, wherein their entry and exit times are noted with the swipe of their cards. This makes the calculation of the working hours, wages, holidays, easier. You get all these information in a click of a button.



Accounting is the basis of all business. Whether it is small or large business, you need to keep the accounts up to date. There are many accounting softwares that help to keep all your accounts in the same place and easy access.

Resource planning

Resource planning

These softwares help in getting the resources. You can plan as to when and where to get your resources. When resources are low, then the software will alert you immediately. You need not keep track of all things yourself.

Thus there are many types of software which help in managing the businesses without much stress on you. These softwares are available as single or as combination of two or more softwares. In that case, the business person should consider whatever is necessary for them in the combo and choose whichever one that would be useful. There are many types of software that are available for free in the internet; some are also available for a small fee. Those who are starting their business or with small business can choose one from them, so that the cost or money invested in the softwares are lesser. They can use that money for something else.

Some of the softwares in the market

Let us look at some of the softwares that are available in the internet.


This software has lot of combinations in it. This is available for small, medium and large scale businesses. Each category has separate set of softwares in it. This is cloud based software that helps you to keep all your information online. Thus it’s easy to access from anywhere in the world.


This is software for food distribution industry. This software includes catch weight management, customer specific pricing, standard orders and inventory. This can be used in restaurants or in individual businesses like meat, dairy or beverage distributors. This software can be run in iPad also, which makes things easier.

Zen planner

This software is entirely for fitness businesses. This connects the staff and members. It has attendance tracking for both staff and members. Also alerts members on their forthcoming class, etc. This app also has billing facility.

Harmony PSA

This software offers online solutions for all services like billing, modelling for online selling, etc. Also it has back up data for all accounts in online.


This is an all in one business management software for service oriented companies. This is very easy to use. Also this has good customer service support for the software.


This is for small and medium businesses. This is helpful in project management.

These are some softwares that are available online, which help in running your business efficiently. Entrée and zen planner are for specific businesses, while other softwares can be used by any business based on your requirements. Always select a software which is already in the market, where you can know about the service before you choose it. Get softwares which has good customer support team.

7th May 2018

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